Make Money from Your Website Traffic.

How Does It Work?

A Publisher, also known as an Affiliate or Reseller, promotes products and services of an Advertiser or a Merchant and gets paid in the form of commission if such efforts are successful in generating a Lead or a Sale for the Advertiser.

The publisher exhibits the Merchant's ad banners, text links, or product links on their high traffic Web site, in e-mail campaigns, or in search listings. The publisher is paid a commission by the respective merchant only when a visitor takes a specific action such as filling out a form, subscribing to a service (lead generation) or making a purchase (a sale).

ClickZoot provides the ecosystem that manages smooth relationships between Publishers and Advertisers by providing cutting edge technology, monitoring the affiliate campaign, tracking result and commissions, and facilitating Publisher/Affiliate payments.

Who can join ?

Anyone with a Web site, blog, or Internet presence and is committed to high performance and ethical standards, can join ClickZoot. For simplicity we have segmented Internet traffic sources

  • Editorial Content, Comparison Shopping Engines, Social & Media Content, User Generated content, Forums & Blogs, Loyalty, Cash -Back and Coupon sites, Lead Generation (content)
  • Advertisement Networks- Web & Mobile, Media Agencies, Direct traffic, Mobile traffic, Social Media traffic, Contextual targeting
  • Direct links, Landing Pages, Domain parking, social & mobile Search
  • Newsletters, E-mail Lead generation, E-mail promotions

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Why work with us? 

ClickZoot treats its network of Publishers as one large happy family. ClickZoot encourages Publishers to make more money by constantly training and motivating them and by giving them all the technical and creative support required to make their campaigns convert the most!

Here are some of the reasons why you would be better off being a part of the ClickZoot Network:

Top Offers

ClickZoot has excellent relationships with all the leading advertisers in India which enables it to offer Affiliates the best offers available at any point of time. We also offer special deals from time to time that are only available on our Network.

Access to International Merchants

ClickZoot has very strong working relationships with Advertisers globally and brings this advantage to its affiliates by offering top selling international offers.

Timely Payouts

ClickZoot ensures timely payments to its Affiliates. Payments are made via cheques and wire transfers/direct credit to banks.

Highest payouts

Because of the quality traffic that our Affiliate members generate, we are able to negotiate better deals with Advertisers enabling higher payouts to our Affiliates.

Offer Testing

We have an internal publishing inventory which we use to test out offers before we pass them to Affiliates. We study analytics such as demographics of the users converting, average CTR for the creative, average conversion rates, geographic considerations, and more to increase CTR and conversions. This enables us to optimize the campaigns and present it to our Affiliates so we know from Day 1 the campaigns are successful for our Affiliates.

Creative Support

The success of any online campaign depends on how strong the creative and the graphics are. ClickZoot has a team of creative experts that create appealing banners, landing pages and content that Affiliates can use to rocketfuel their campaigns.

Knowledge Sharing

The Pay for Performance industry is a knowledge driven industry and ClickZoot ensures that all Affiliates in its Network have access to the knowledge on best international practices in the Performance Industry. ClickZoot has comprehensive training material that it shares with its Affiliates in order to enhance their skills further. ClickZoot also shares insights on industry trends, latest strategies on optimizing sales funnels, well converting landing pages and more strategies via webinars on a regular basis.

Experienced Affiliate Managers

ClickZoot has a roster of highly experienced & well trained Affiliate managers who hand hold affiliates on a daily basis and guide them on how best to optimize their campaigns. They continuously track the Affiliates campaign conversion and CTRs and proactively suggest ways to optimize the campaign performance.